10 Best Audio Baby Monitors

Audio baby monitors are an effective monitoring solution that enables parents to move freely and take some time back for themselves whilst keeping an eye on their child from a distance.

With so many baby monitors offering audio capabilities amongst a range of other features, it can be difficult to make a decision on which baby monitor is best for you and your baby.

This guide will give you all the information you need to know by providing you with a product review of the 10 best audio baby monitors.

With this guide, you will be able to establish which features you wish to look out for when it comes to purchasing an audio baby monitor. 


LAXIHUB Pet Camera with Phone App Puppy Dog Baby Camera/Cam Monitor Indoor Home CCTV WiFi Camera 1080P Night Vision 2-Way Audio

The Laxihub baby monitor stands to be one of the most efficient and effective baby monitoring devices. It offers high-resolution video functionality that displays clear and crisp images throughout the day.

It even features a night vision mode for nighttime monitoring. These features provide advanced monitoring capabilities as it enables parents to see what’s going on at all times.

This baby monitor also contains a built-in ultra-sensitive and responsive mic and speaker. This feature enables clear and stable communication regardless of whether you’re in the house or away.

The monitor also stands out for its compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant. This feature enables parents to simply access live camera footage from their phones.


  • HD video monitoring for advanced clarity
  • Two-way audio for effective communication from a distance
  • AI human motion and sound detection
  • Flexible video storage and works with Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Relies on wifi connection 


Motorola Nursery MBP50 Video Baby Monitor with 5 inch Curved Parent Unit, White/Silver

The Motorola MBP50 Video Baby Monitor offers exceptional video and audio monitoring capabilities.

The baby monitor consists of a camera that offers remote pan, tilt and zoom features that produce high-quality visual monitoring as the camera provides a 270-degree view of the baby’s room in real-time.

It also includes infrared night vision for effective nighttime monitoring.

The baby unit also comes with a preinstalled lullaby feature which provides soothing lullabies to help ease your baby to sleep and promotes a relaxing atmosphere.

The parent unit consists of a 5” curved and colour display screen that enables clear visual presentation.

The monitor also consists of a highly sensitive microphone that enables high-quality two-way communication which enables parents to console their children without entering the room and causing disruption.


  • 5” Colour display on parent unit for visual clarity
  • Highly sensitive microphone for advanced south quality
  • Two-way talk and visual sound level indicator for advanced performance
  • Pan tilt and zoom camera with night vision for advanced quality
  • Out of range alert for safety


  • Cannot adjust lullaby volume 


Babysense Video Baby Monitor, 4.3 Inch Split Screen with Two Cameras and Audio, Remote Pan & Tilt, 300m Range (Open Space), Adjustable Night Light, Two-Way Audio, Zoom, Night Vision, Lullabies

The Babysense Video Baby Monitor offers superior monitoring capabilities. The monitor consists of a 4.3” split screen which enables parents to keep close watch of their child from multiple angles.

This is also an ideal option for parents with twins as it enables effective visual monitoring, even at night as it includes infrared night vision.

The monitor’s cameras each offer a remote pan, a 90-degree tilt feature and 360-degree zoom.

This offers an extensive visual presentation that enables parents to effectively monitor their child from a distance. This also offers peace of mind.

This monitor also offers high-quality audio with a two-way talkback intercom.

This enables parents to console their children from a distance whilst also providing them with the freedom to move around the home and do their own things without constant worrying.


  • 4.3” high-quality split-screen and infrared night vision for visual clarity
  • 2-way talkback communication technology for advanced monitoring
  • Range of up to 300 m in an open space with an out of range alert
  • Hack free connection for safety


  • The response can sometimes be slow 


BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 450 Lightshow, HD sound, lullabies, two way talkback, night light

The BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 450 provides an effective two-way communication feature that enables parents to talk back to console their baby.

This is an ideal feature for helping to soothe your baby back to sleep without physically interrupting them. This is a useful feature to use for sleep training and entering a room can disrupt a sleep pattern.

The monitor also provides additional features that assist in helping your baby get back to sleep. It produces a light show of stars and moons that are projected onto the ceiling as well as a choice of 18 lullabies.

This combination is effective in helping to create a calm and soothing environment to promote sleep.

This baby monitor also contains a sensor that works to monitor the temperature in the room. This is a great way to keep your baby in a comfortable environment by maintaining a perfect temperature.


  • Unique light show and lullabies for entertainment
  • HD sound for advanced audio quality
  • Additional features of an adjustable nightlight, temperature display and visual alerts
  • Long range of up to 50 m indoors and 300 m outdoors


  • Not water resistant


Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor

The Tommee Tippee Digital Sound Monitor offers high-quality sound monitoring. This monitor consists of DECT technology which offers clear and effective sound quality that is free from interference and white noise.

The monitor also offers a two-way talkback feature which offers advanced monitoring as it enables parents to console their child from afar.

This is an ideal feature for parents attempting sleep training or for those who are continually on their feet as it provides an easy and efficient way to check in and calm their baby without entering the room.

The monitor also comes with a rechargeable docking station which is a great feature for ensuring long term life and extended use. This is also a feature that enables flexible and portable use.


  • Out of range indicator up to 300 m for safety
  • Two-way talkback feature for advanced monitoring
  • DECT technology for superior sound quality
  • Rechargeable docking station for flexible and portable use


  • Temperature gauge not as accurate as other monitors


VTech AM706-1W Baby Monitor with Long Range, up to 1,000ft, Audio Baby Monitor with Clear Sound, 2-Way Audio Talk, Baby Monitor with Vibrating Sound Alert, Glow-on-Ceiling Night Light

VTech AM706-1W offers advanced audio with a two-way talkback intercom.

This is a great feature for not only effectively monitoring your child but is also a great feature that enables easy interaction without having to go into a room and disturb the child. This is an ideal device to use for parents attempting sleep training. 

The monitor also offers a glow on the ceiling feature which provides a gentle light that projects shapes onto the ceiling to help to create a soothing environment.

The monitor offers clear and crisp sound quality as a result of DECT technology. The use of this feature enables the monitor to effectively eliminate unnecessary background noise for advanced audio transmission.

This enables you to move around the home with minimal audio disruption.

The monitor also offers an additional vibrational alert feature. This feature is an alert that enables parents to get on with catching up on chores, getting work done and entertaining without the constant noise of movement in the background.


  • Two-way talkback intercom for advanced monitoring
  • DECT technology for advanced sound quality
  • Volume control, a 5-level sound indicator and additional vibration signal alert
  • 1000 ft range for efficient connectivity


  • Short battery life 


Motorola Nursery AM21/MBP21 Audio Baby Monitor - Digital Baby Monitor with DECT Technology for Audio Monitoring - 300 Meter Range - High Sensitivity Microphone - White

The Motorola MBP 21 baby monitor offers reliable and high-quality monitoring that is ideal for acoustic monitoring of ranges up to 300 m.

The baby monitor comes with two units, a baby unit and a parent unit. This baby monitor contains a highly sensitive microphone that enables parents to monitor their children efficiently from extended ranges.

This is an ideal feature for anyone with a large house or who is frequently in a different space of the house.

The monitor also consists of a volume control feature and a visual indicator located on the parents unit which provides additional flexibility as parents can adjust the setting per their activity.

The monitor also contains advanced wireless technology. With DECT technology, the baby monitor works to ensure that all sound is interference-free and it also consists of tap-proof signal transmission as an additional safety feature.

Once the parent unit reaches its maximum transmission range, the device will signal an alert.


  • Highly sensitive microphone for advanced clarity
  • Volume control to adjust to the environment
  • 300 m range for efficient connectivity
  • Eco mode for reduced energy consumption


  • One-way monitoring 


VTech BM1000 Digital Audio Baby Monitor, Parent Unit with Rechargeable Battery, Long Range, Digital Wireless Transmission, Baby Monitor with Crystal-Clear Sound, Plug & Play, Sound Indicator & Alerts

The VTech Baby BM1000 Digital Audio Baby Monitor is a simple and effective audio monitoring device. It offers features that enable efficient monitoring and offers peace of mind.

The monitor consists of DECT technology which works to ensure that the device offers clear sound quality.

The monitor comes with additional features such as an LED sound-level indicator and volume control.

These features enable parents to not only visually monitor the noise in the room but also to easily control the unit or muting it whilst they perform other duties or take some time for themselves.

Each unit contains rechargeable batteries which last for up to 8 hours. This device provides an exceptional battery life which enables prolonged and uninterrupted use.

It also comes with a belt clip which enables free movement around the home.


  • DECT technology for advanced audio quality
  • 1000 ft range for advanced transmission range
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life for extended use
  • Additional features of 5-level visual sound indicator and volume control


  • Not as sensitive as other monitors


BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 400, HD sound, sound level lights

The Digital Audio Baby Monitor 400 is similar to the BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 450 Lightshow. It is a highly effective model that offers clear and high-quality HD sound.

The device features HD sound which enables clear and crisp, interference free sound. This is a great device for cancelling out white noise and fuzz.

This device offers an exceptional range of monitoring which includes 300 m outdoors and 50 m indoors.

This enables extended monitoring from different rooms and even whilst you’re outside doing the gardening. This is an ideal device for providing reassurance.

The monitor also consists of an LED sound level light which acts as an additional alert. This is an ideal feature for when the device is being used in mute mode as it provides a visual alert signal.

This feature also enables parents to get on with work or entertain guests without having the continual noise of shuffling in the background.


  • HD sound for advanced audio quality
  • 300 m range outdoors and 50 m indoors for efficient connectivity
  • Light signal as an additional alert signal
  • Contains rechargeable batteries


  • Not water resistant


Babymoov Simply Care Audio Baby Monitor, 300 m Range (UK Plug or Battery)

The Babymoov Simply Care Audio Baby Monitor is a simple and effective baby monitor that is ideal for parents who are looking for simplicity with something easy to use.

The Babymoov monitor consists of essential features that make it an effective baby monitor.

It features a vox mode which activates whenever the monitor picks up the sound of a baby crying.

This mode is an effective energy saver as it only transmits relevant noise. This feature works to ensure a reduction in wave emission whilst also saving energy.

The monitor also features a double alarm system. This feature not only provides peace of mind in knowing that there is a backup alarm, but it also provides a visual alarm for advanced presentation.

With a range of 300 m, this baby is suitable for use in an apartment space as it enables a short but effective range of movement.


  • Vox mode for reduced energy consumption
  • Double alarm for extra peace of mind
  • 300 m range which is ideal for apartments
  • Visual and acoustic alerts


  • Not suitable for large homes 

Best Audio Baby Monitors Buying Guide

With so many different baby monitors available, it can be difficult to know which is best for you and your baby. This guide will give you information on specific features to look out for when it comes to choosing an audio baby monitor.

10 Best Audio Baby Monitors


Different baby monitor models will offer different sound functions. Some are set up so that you can continuously hear what’s going on from the receiver.

This is a great way to always be on hand to listen out. Whereas, other monitors provide a silent function. Which you prefer comes down to personal preference.

It’s important to consider which feature will accommodate you and your lifestyle best.

When it comes to sound, it’s also important to ensure that you have a baby monitor that offers great sound quality. Having a monitor that offers clear and crisp sound makes all the difference.

The more sensitive the monitor, the better, as the point of it is to be able to hear the baby’s activity. Having a monitor that frequently crackles, and has a lot of interference from other noises can become frustrating.

Hence, be sure to do some research on the reviews and feedback of different devices before purchasing.


If you don’t want a device where you can’t turn the sound down there is an alternative. Some devices offer additional alert features such as a blinking light or vibrational alert that activates when sound comes from the crib.

The blinking light alert is a great option to have if you’re working or have company, as you can still keep an eye on the baby without hearing continuous movement and sound.

A vibrational alert is a great option for parents that frequently move around and may not see a blinking light.


The safety of your baby monitor device is of uppermost importance. Be sure to research different product options looking at recent and relevant reviews and feedback.

One of the biggest things to look out for as a matter of safety is whether the monitor has a wire or cord.

It’s essential that no wires or cords are placed in or too close to the crib as it is a strangulation hazard. Be sure that if you do have a monitor with a cord or wire, that it is well out of reach.


When it comes to buying an audio baby monitor, it’s important to consider its range. Having a decent range will enable you to move around the home without losing connection or interfering with the signal.

Ensure that the monitor you choose works with your property size for it to perform effectively. 

Best Audio Baby Monitors - FAQ's

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Baby Monitor?

Baby monitors are incredible devices that enable parents to monitor their children from a distance.

Gone are the days of constantly entering a room to check on a baby for the fear that you can’t hear what’s going on and how they are doing. This can not only be disruptive for parents but also children as constantly entering a room can easily interrupt a sleeping pattern. 

Baby monitors have offered freedom of movement and flexibility whilst monitoring the baby at the same time. It enables parents to cook, shower and take some time for themselves as the device gives peace of mind.

With advanced technology, many monitors offer additional features such as two-way audio as well as video monitoring and wifi monitoring. These devices are highly efficient and offer an advanced solution.

Having a baby monitor is beneficial for:

  • Taking time for yourself ie. showering, eating
  • Monitoring your child when you’re away from home
  • For additional reassurance
  • Checking in on the baby
  • Sleep training


With the use of advanced technology, the market for baby monitors is booming. This guide shows just how many devices are available that offer great features and benefits for superior monitoring capabilities.

Use this guide to help you find your perfect baby monitor and take the information presented to help you in making your final decision.