7 Best Long Range Baby Monitors

If you’re a parent with a new baby, you know those early days of anxiety when you’re starting as a first-time parent. Making sure that they’re happy, that they’re eating well, that they’re well stimulated.

There are so many things that need to be kept track of when looking out for your new little bundle of joy.

This is why leaving them unattended when sleeping can be such an anxiety-provoking situation.

Of course, you want to be able to keep your child close at a young age to look after them, it’s only natural to feel protective of your baby. 

But eventually, there comes a time when children have to learn to be able to be away from their parents, even if it is just sleeping in a different room. That doesn’t mean that’s any less stressful, though.

Fortunately, a baby monitor can help deal with this concern, giving them room to learn how to be on their own from time to time. But sometimes, you can run into issues with technology like this.

Maybe the distance is greater than you thought it was, maybe it uses infrared, or Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, perhaps walls are affecting your connection between speakers.

With that in mind, here are the best long-range baby monitors that you can currently buy on the market.


[Newly Upgraded] VTech VM350-2 Video Monitor with Battery supports 12-hr Video-mode, 21-hr Audio-mode, 5' Screen, 2 Cameras, 1000ft Long Range, Bright Night Vision, 2-WayTalk, Auto-onScreen, Lullabies

A household name when it comes to their cutting-edge baby products, the VM 350’s 5-inch high-resolution camera display system is just the tool you need to keep your infant close, even while you're doing the dishes!

With an LCD screen that can display colour by day and high-quality infrared images once it goes dark, this 1000 foot, the long-range monitor has you covered for all times of the day.

And with a battery life that lasts up to 12 hours with video streaming turned on, or up to 21 hours if you're using audio-only for your monitoring, you'll feel assured in the knowledge that this monitor will go the distance.

Through the night or day, any time away from your baby will still feel like they’re right there beside you.


  • Long Range - With up to 1000 feet of distance between monitor and camera, you can keep in touch with your child from anywhere in your house
  • High-performing battery life - Up to 12 hours with video monitoring, or 21 hours if you’re just using audio, this will manage any long nights you have
  • In-built lullabies and two-way talk - Let your child know that you’re always nearby for them with this two-way talk system, or help lull them to sleep
  • Easy Setup - Keep your child at a comfortable warm temperature with this feature that alerts you when it’s time to adjust the temperature for your baby.


  • Non-rotating cameras - You’ll need your monitor to move or adjust them yourself if need be, with no in-built rotation.


Motorola Nursery VM 855 Connected WIFI video baby monitor - with Motorola Nursery App and 5-inch parent unit - night vision, temperature and two-way talk

Motorola's answer to long-range baby monitoring, this sleek and stylish rechargeable camera comes equipped with remote pan zoom and tilt features, for that extra freedom of movement you might need if you have a baby that can’t seem to help but move around.

And through a Wi-Fi connection, you'll even be able to connect your smartphone or tablet to your camera, meaning your child is never far away, wherever you are.

Simply download the app from the app store on your smart device, log in and connect your camera, and you'll be good to go.

And with a reported battery life of up to 24 hours, you can rest soundly, safe in the knowledge that your baby is only a screen away at any time, either day or night.


  • Long battery life - With up to 24 hours of battery life, you’ll be covered all day with this device, your hunt for a day-long monitor is finally over.
  • Lots of options for connectivity - With the possibility to connect to your phone or tablet via the Hubble app, plus options for pairing this monitor with other camera models, yo
  • Rotating camera - With adjustments possible from the monitor or your connected phone or tablet, there’s no need to manually adjust your screen's positioning with this device.
  • Long distance - With up to 1000 feet, this long-range monitor should cover almost any area of your house.


  • Sound quality issues - Whilst sound can be broadcasted through, the quality has been noted as mixed at times.


VTech VM343 Pan and Tilt Video Baby Monitor

Another great addition from VTech with this pan and tilt model. This motorized model with up to 270-degree pan range, and 124-degree fields of tilt vision, as well as a digital zoom feature of 2x, this hands-free model of baby monitoring removes the hassle of having to move your camera around your bustling baby.

And with the large 4.3-inch color screen plus infrared and digital night vision, you'll be able to see your David crystal Clear no matter the level of light. Night or day, this monitor has you covered.

And with an inbuilt room-temperature sensor, this model will be able to alert you when things are getting uncomfortable for your child.

The inbuilt communicator auto allowance for you to talk back to your baby comma letting them know that you are never too far away.

Plus, with up to 1000 ft of range, you can be assured that this little monitor will work from just about anywhere in your house!


  • Motorized pan and tilt camera - Great for keeping track of those babies that tend to get around.
  • Great Range - With reportedly up to 1000 feet of range, this monitor has you covered.
  • Great inbuilt sensors - This allows you to keep track of when things might be getting a little too hot or cold for your baby.
  • Talk-back feature - Let your baby know you’re nearby with this communication option built into the parent unit.
  • Great Display - With a decently large 4.3-inch display with infrared night vision options, your monitor screen is good to go for any time of day.


  • Wired Connection required - With no rechargeable or battery options, you’re going to have a somewhat limited range for where you can take your monitor


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If you're looking for a stylish modern camera monitor for your baby or even a small pet, this Nooie Baby Monitor might just be the thing you're looking for.

Whilst it is mainly built for home surveillance, this device works as a pretty handy baby monitor too!

Built specifically for tracking noise and movement in an indoor space, this nifty piece of hardware, plus its accompanying app, is a great way of keeping track and recording those little bundles of joy in your life, whether it's a baby, or a small furry friend, for when your child gets old enough to start asking you for one!

With a 360-degree motion tracking system, a 1080p camera that both works at day and at night, with up to 32 feet of dark vision, this device is optimized for any time of day, for any direction when it’s been posted.

You can trust this one to catch any movement your baby makes.

Plus, with a handy talk-back system for two-way audio, you'll be able to reassure your baby if something is upsetting them wherever you are.


  • Great field of vision - With a rotatable camera system, a crisp HD camera, and night vision of up to 10 metres included, this camera will catch any movement in its path.
  • Great options for audio - Able to pick up great sound, plus a 2-way audio system, allows you to hear your baby loud and clear, as well as talk to them through your phone.
  • Great compatibility options - With the Nooie app, you’ll be able to connect with both your phone and household Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speakers. Compatible with Alexa


  • No dedicated monitor screen - You’ll have to connect your phone to be able to use this device.
  • Untested Outdoors - Because this is built as an indoor camera system, we can’t guarantee this will be effective outdoors. 
  • No temperature measurement system - Because it is not a dedicated baby monitoring system, it is lacking some features like temperature sensors.


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Coming bundled with 2 cameras, this baby monitor allows you to keep track of your babies’ sleep from a handy portable 2.4-inch colour LCD screen, with a high-quality connection that is secure from outside interference.

And would up to 300 metres of range, you're safe to keep track of your child, whether you're indoors or out in the garden.

With both inbuilt sound functions for both lullabies and background white noise, your baby can rest easy, and in comfort. And if that wasn’t enough, the two-way audio system allows you to reassure your little one with the voice of their parent.

And with a high-quality night vision camera, you don't have to worry about the darkness getting in the way of keeping your child comfortable and safe.

Plus, with the ability to set alarm times, adjustable stands for your cameras, a 2x zoom, and an ambient night-light built-in, this little bundle has pretty much anything a new parent needs to keep track of their newborn.


  • Excellent range - With a range of around 300 metres, this monitor will be great for any range in your home.
  • Excellent range of sound capabilities - From white noise to sleepy lullabies, to a two-way audio system, there are plenty of ways to keep your baby happy and comfortable, without needing to be in the same room,
  • Portable Monitor Screen - The little 2.4 monitor screen is just the right size for carrying around with you as you go about your daily household responsibilities, without sacrificing a quality display and 
  • Other great utilities - From in-built lights to keep away the dark for your child, the adjustable movement for the camera stand, an eco-mode if no sounds are detected, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the extras on this monitor


  • Indoor sound testing - Whilst the range of the monitor works as listed in the open outdoors, it’s not clear if this will work as well if you have many walls in your home. You may need to test the effective indoor range for yourself.


VTech LM808-1W Baby Monitor with Camera,300m Long Range, Auto Night Vision, Video Baby Monitor with 5' Screen, 2-Way Audio Talk, Temperature Sensor, Power Saving Mode, Lullabies,Wall-mountable Bracket

Vtech brings us another great piece of kit for keeping up with your little one with this model of baby monitor and comes with all the amazing bells and whistles that you've come to expect from VTech’s reliable line of baby products.

It's good to go straight out the box, no setup required!

The neat two-way audio system, already built into this monitor, is a great way of gently reminding your baby that you are never too far away for them.

Plus, it comes with a whole range of calming and soothing sounds and lullabies for the baby to enjoy. And you’ll be able to track your baby’s comfort with the inbuilt temperature sensor unit.

There's some great range for the signal of this monitor too. With up to 1000 feet of connectivity, you'll never be too far away to hear your baby if they need you.

What's more, with reliable night vision, you'll always be able to see your baby in the dead of night. No need to switch on those irritating bright lights here!


  • Easy Setup - No setup even needed. Right out of the packaging is as good a time as any to start using this little gadget!
  • Great Range - Over 1000 feet of range out in the open. You’ll be good to hear if your baby is crying for you in their room when you’re out in the garden.
  • Camera mount with great utility - Rest by your baby, or attach to a wall, there are plenty of options open with this model.


  • No rechargeable option - You’ll have to fork out the batteries for this one, which can slowly rack up the long-term price for running one of these.


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For a breakaway from VTech, this high-tech bundle of cameras and monitors from VACOS is a great alternative. With all the tech that a high-end baby monitor should come with, plus extra!

The smart audio built into the camera is great at automatically picking up When your infant is crying, or any other events will catch.

Plus, the two-way sound system is built into both the monitor and camera with their high-quality audio.

And if you want to be able to record and store any camera footage, The internal storage space that accommodates SD cards of up to 256GB Is a safe physical alternative to storing the data in the Cloud, no app or Wi-Fi needed. Sometimes, the physical is just more reliable than digital.

Plus, the camera stand is super easy to install. Simply attach the camera onto the plug or just place it on the table, then you're set-up, and ready to go!


  • Excellent Array of Sensors - Whether it’s the temperature sensors, the two-way audio microphones, the motion features, or the sound and lullaby effects, this device has all the tools you’ll need to take care of your child from afar.
  • Great Range - With a good range expected of the best baby monitors, you’ll be good to keep track of your baby from up to 1000 feet away.


  • No Memory Included - VACOS does not include any type of SD memory card in the package and has no internal storage of its own.

Best Long Range Baby Monitors Buying Guide


One of the key features you're looking for in a long-range baby monitor is the ability to hear them from far away.

Most monitors will come with an advertised distance that they can work from, they are usually tested in an open area.

Often, they do not take into account if it is possible to listen through walls at the same distance. In some cases, the reduction in the useful range can be as much as two-thirds of the listed effective distance!

This will vary depending on the part of the product that you have, and you can sometimes find these reduced distances in more detailed reviews online, so make sure to do your research and consider your advice before making a final choice.

7 Best Long Range Baby Monitors

Audio Functions

Some modern baby monitors will come equipped with 2-way audio systems, which allows for a parent to be able to both listen, and speak to their child.

Of course, there isn't a true replacement for a parent physically going to check and soothe your baby, but it is a useful feature if you aren't able to immediately comfort them right away.

Monitor Display Size

Most monitors will now come with an inbuilt display screen to watch your child from. It can be tempting to simply get the largest screen that you can find on the market.

But, medium to small size displays will also be small enough to carry on your person at any time. A great practical feature you may find more helpful than having to carry around a very large screen wherever you go in the house.