8 Best WiFi Baby Monitors

As a parent of a small child, you probably know all too well how important it is to keep an eye on them whilst they are sleeping in their cot.

Even though we want to use that time to relax or do some chores - depending on what time of the day it is - it never gets any easier when you leave them on their own.

Will they awaken and you will not hear them? Is baby just not going to sleep? Perhaps baby is crying because they are hungry?

A WiFi baby monitor will give you the peace of mind that you are after, and it will also mean that you can go about your day or night peacefully knowing whether they are fast asleep or wide awake.

Whilst knowing to buy one is an easy decision to make, there are actually so many baby monitors to choose from that at first it can feel rather overwhelming.

Fear not though, as we are here to help. Check out our 8 top picks below and the handy buyer’s guide that is sure to help you decide which baby monitor is the perfect one for you.


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The Nooie is a pretty advanced piece of tech when it comes to a baby monitor.

Not only is it highly rated, but its 360 degree rotation means you can see the full room. It also tilts and pans which can be done manually by using the app.

The 1080p HD superior camera allows for great night vision so you are able to see what is happening throughout the night. In fact, the camera can see up to 32ft in complete darkness.

There is a two-way audio that allows you to listen and talk - which is really handy if you want to use this for a dog as well! This means you can speak to your baby when you need to.

The monitor needs an SD card which is available separately, but also it will likely need to have all that data wiped off it once it becomes full. It is not the worst thing, but it can become an annoyance.


  • 360 degree - which you can also manually move
  • Night vision - can see up to 32ft in darkness
  • 1080p HD camera - not grainy


  • SD card - it will need changing


Owlet Cam 1 Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio - HD Video - Night Vision - iOS and Android Compatible - White

Similar to the Nooie, the Owlet allows for two-way communication. It also has the ability for background audio so you can use your phone and still make sure that baby is doing fine.

Available for both Android and iOS, it works alongside an app that allows you to stream the 1080p HD video when motion is detected.

It also has night vision ability meaning you can make sure that your baby is okay overnight - or whilst you are sipping that evening cuppa.

You can also buy a Smart Sock that pairs up with the same app. It allows you to regulate your baby's oxygen levels and heart rate for a more detailed analysis of how your baby is doing each day.

The monitor can be returned within 30 days for a full refund if not satisfied.


  • Two-way audio - to communicate between you and your baby
  • Night vision - so you can have peace of mind over night
  • Motion Sensor - knows when your baby is moving
  • Full refund - if not satisfied with product


  • Smart Sock - can be paired up with Smart Sock though it is sold separately


LAXIHUB Pet Dog Cameras with App, 2K 3MP Indoor Security Camera for Baby Cat Puppy, 360° Pan/Tilt Home Security, Night Vision, Motion/Sound Detection, Smart Tracking, 2-Way Talk, Work with Alexa

Ensuring a clear video output, the Laxihub has a wide angled view that can see a large area within a room but still allows you to keep focused on your baby.

It also enables you to be able to double it up as a security camera.

It can rotate horizontally 355 degrees and vertically 60 degrees, with a tilt and pan control that you can do manually through the app.

The built-in two-way speaker means you can communicate with your baby and vice-versa, as well as talk to Alexa and Google Assistant for an easy way to view the ‘live stream’.

The motion detection sensor also means that any movement may alert you to what baby is up to, which is always handy when you are checking to see if they wake up and need you.

You do have the option of using an SD card for storage, or you can back up the video to an online cloud-based storage system.

It is not free however, but you do get 3 months worth for free at the beginning of using it.


  • Wide angle - can fit more things in the frame
  • Communication - two-way microphone and able to talk to Alexa and Google
  • Motion detection - easy to see when baby wakes
  • Manual rotation - so you can change the angle of the camera


  • Pay for cloud storage - though it does offer 3 months for free


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The iBaby Smart baby monitor looks rather strange with its bulbous body, but its white covering and name suggests it has very much been made for those with an iPhone.

Even though yes, it is compatible with an android phone, it has been made exclusively with licensed MFi connection technology for the iOS to make it quicker to install compared to other baby monitors.

The 1080p HD camera allows for a crisp video as well as clear night vision. Also, it offers a full 360 degree view and a 110 degree tilt.

What is most interesting about this baby monitor is that it allows you to record yourself singing or reading a story to be played back, but also it has ‘thousands’ of lullabies and bedtime stories available on the app for you to play via the speakers on the monitor.


  • 360 degree view - allows for you to see the whole room
  • Speakers - which when used with the app you can play lullabies and bedtime stories
  • Built-in iOs technology - to allow for faster installation on an iOS device


  • Is suitable for android - but has been created to work faster with an iPhone


wansview WiFi IP Baby Camera, 2K Wireless Home Security Camera Indoor for Baby, Elder, Pet Camera Monitor with Real-time Alert, 2-Way Audio Night Vision Pan Tilt Zoom, Works with Alexa Q5

Even though it has not been purposely made to be a baby monitor, it can be used as one due to its clear night vision mode and 1080p HD video.

The motion detection will alert you of any movement also, and it will naturally record a ten second video clip.

The 320 degree horizontal motion can be combined with the 80 degree vertical rotation to create a complete 360 degree range of view.

Whereas the Nooie allowed the camera to see up to 32ft within the dark, this one can only see up to 16ft.

This is not necessarily bad, unless you really need to see a further distance away, such as if you want to turn it into a security camera once the baby is older.

The camera works alongside Alexa due to its two-way microphone, so you can even talk to your baby or partner whilst in a different room.

Just like the majority of baby monitors, it works with an app so you can easily view the camera no matter where you are.


  • Alexa compatible - easy to access the camera’s functions quick
  • Two-way microphone - to communicate easily
  • Night vision - so you can see the baby whilst it sleeps
  • 320 degree rotation - a wide view of the room


  • 16ft night vision view - shorter length than others
  • Not Google Assistant compatible - only Alexa


Motorola Nursery Ease 44 Connect - WiFi Baby Monitor with Camera - 4.3 Inch Video Baby Monitor Display - Hubble App - Night Vision, Lullabies, Microphone, Room Temperature Monitoring - White

If you would prefer the choice of either downloading an app or not, then this is the one for you.

Whilst the majority of baby monitors require you to download an app to view the video, the Motorola Ease comes with a 4.3 inch HD display that allows for you to monitor your baby anywhere in the house.

You can download the app to check up on baby on-the-go if need be, but if you are wary about having an app, then you do not even need to download it.

The monitor also includes a temperature sensor so you can monitor whether it is too hot or too cold in the baby’s room.

There are also 10 built-in songs to soothe your baby to sleep. If you do want to use the app, you can create audio recordings to playback to your baby to help them sleep.

The camera also includes night vision and the ability to zoom the camera so you can view the entire room. Also, it works alongside both Alexa and Google Assistant.


  • Separate 4.3 inch HD screen - means you do not have to view the video via an app
  • Temperature sensor - so you can keep an eye on whether it is too warm or cold
  • Built-in lullabies - to help baby fall asleep


  • Needs batteries - does not allow for charging


NETVUE Pet Camera 360° WiFi Indoor Camera, Smart Home Security Camera for Dog Cat Baby Monitor, Motion Alert, 2-Way Audio, Clear Night Vision, Compatible with Alexa, App Control Pan/Tilt/Zoom, White

The Netvue is a great option if you want a great baby monitor and you are on a budget.

The inexpensive camera boasts a 360 degree angle view so you can see the whole room, plus you can zoom up to 8x in great detail if need be.

Even at night, the monitor can see sharp detail with its high resolution 1080p camera and upgraded CMOS sensor, alongside its night vision ability. It can see up to 33ft in the darkness too.

To help bring you peace of mind, the monitor has motion control detection, alerting you when baby makes a move.

You can also use Alexa to control functions such as viewing the camera, as well as speaking through the two-way microphone.

This is useful if you need to speak to your baby or partner who may be in the same room as your child.

It is not compatible with Google Assist however. Also, cloud storage is available but only on a paid subscription. It does support the use of a micro SD card though, so there are other options.


  • Inexpensive - a great choice if on a budget
  • Works with Alexa - to control functions of the camera easily
  • Great night vision ability - and it can see up to 33ft in the darkness
  • Two-way microphone - to talk to your baby


  • Paid cloud storage - though a micro SD card is another option


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Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to place the baby monitor, but the iBaby has a wall mount so you can place it above the cot.

Not only that, it has a flexible base that can be wrapped around things to hold it into position.

It includes a 1080p camera that has great night vision abilities. It also has a built-in motion sensor that will send you notifications to your phone so you know that the baby has moved or woken up.

Not only does it have a two-way microphone so you can talk to your baby, but you can also add other users such as family members to be able to monitor the baby.

Just as easy as it is to add them, it is also easy to stop certain people viewing the monitor.

There are also over 1,000 built-in songs and bedtime stories to help your baby drift off to sleep. Plus, it includes a night light to gently glow near your baby during the night if they are slightly scared of the dark.

It has other features built-in such as a temperature reading and free daily cloud storage. This highly rated monitor is a great all rounder, though you do have to rely on the app to take full advantage of its functions.


  • Over 1,000 songs and stories - to help baby fall asleep
  • Flexible mount - and a wall mount to help it fix to any surface
  • Social - can add in friends and family to see the camera


  • Rely on app - if you want to use all its features

Best WiFi Baby Monitors Buying Guide

Here is a short buyer’s guide to help you focus on the key areas when it comes to buying a baby monitor.

8 Best WiFi Baby Monitors

Motion Tracking

Always choose a camera that has motion detection as it is something that will prove to be a necessity. If you are not near your baby, then unless it starts to cry, you might not know if your baby is awake.

A motion sensor will track any movement and then alert you. Whilst it may just be a leg moving, it is nice to know that your baby is okay.

Night Vision

If you are tracking your baby as it sleeps, then you will need night vision. If you do not have it, then it will prove difficult to see anything in the monitor overnight which defeats the point of having a camera baby monitor.

If that is the case, stick to audio, but if you do need to see that your baby is comfortably sleeping or suddenly awake, then a monitor with night vision is a must.

WiFi Compatible

Whilst everything was likely wireless a decade or two ago, things are pretty much all WiFi enabled now, and that includes baby monitors.

Because of its ability to use a WiFi network, it means you can check on your baby whilst away from home (though obviously somebody else will be there looking after them).

It also means you can be in another room and once motion is detected an alert may come up on your phone, for example.

Basically, WiFi makes keeping an eye on your baby easier than ever before. Whilst security is a concern, companies have taken extra measures to ensure only you will see the output of the video. That is always nice to know!

Two-Way Microphone

You may not have thought about being able to speak to your baby through a monitor, but it can be a nice way to check to see if they are okay if they have awoken.

Some baby monitors allow for you to record yourself talking, singing or reading a bedtime story. This is useful if they want to hear your voice but you might be away.

Final Words

A baby monitor is not only great for peace of mind whilst the child sleeps, but it can also be used as a way to interact with your little one if you happen to be away.

They have advanced in the last decade or two, making them extremely useful in the first few years of a baby's life.

There are a variety of extra options too, such as allowing invited family members to securely watch your baby, and you can also save videos as memories.

Once your child is too old for a baby monitor, it can be doubled up as a security camera - so it is most definitely a long-term investment.

If you buy a good product now, no doubt it will prove invaluable for years to come.