Babysense 7 – Safe Sleep Breathing Baby Monitor

Babysense is a reliable and progressive company that has been providing parents with stress-free and easy to use baby monitors for over thirty years. One of the most innovative products by Babysense has changed the game for the better - an under the mattress baby breathing movement monitor that covers all the bases.

Your baby is going to find enough reasons on its own to cry about various things, so there is no need to add any additional stress by hooking it up to a wearable breathing monitor.

Many of these types of products tend to fall off or annoy babies, and all they really need is a distraction-free environment giving them the best chance to sleep peacefully.

The Babysense 7 safe sleep breathing monitor is the ideal solution as it is totally contactless, and the connecting wires are hidden out of sight, so there is no need for you or your baby to get entangled in anything.

The New Babysense 7 Under-The-Mattress Baby Breathing Movement Monitor - The Original Non-Contact and Medically Certified Infant Monitor - Full Bed Coverage with 2 Sensor Pads

Key Features of the Babysense 7 

  • Enjoy easy and hassle-free installation with one-button

  • A hidden sensor that sits safely under your baby's mattress

  • Completely portable due to being battery operated

  • Long-lasting battery - 6 months

  • Easy snap and go mounting system

  • Complete 1 Year Warranty and 45-day money back guarantee

The features and functions of this Babysense 7 breathing monitor are incredibly user-friendly, which is perfect for first-time parents or those that have never used a baby monitor before.

The pads on the Babysense 7 are non-contact and have been medically certified to ensure that your baby is comfortable and that you are notified easily and immediately.

There is also a comprehensive babysense 7 breathing monitor manual/user guide that comes with the product, providing you with all the detailed information you need to know and follow.

Babysense keep "baby safety" and "parent's peace of mind" at the forefront of every product they produce, and never fail to provide some of the best and most innovative baby monitoring products.

The usage of advanced technology paired with additional scientific research makes Babysense products always extremely reliable, putting your baby in safe hands.