Lollipop Baby Monitor Manual

Lollipop baby monitors are one of the latest baby monitors to take the market by storm. We understand that you may be overly excited when receiving yours in the post, tearing it open with excitement and discarding the box. But what about the all important manual?

Well, if you have misplaced your Lollipop baby monitor user guide or chucked it out by accident, do not fear, we have you covered. This page contains a downloadable instruction manual and user guide providing you with all the information and tips regarding your product.

Remember - it is always recommended to read through the user guide in detail before using your Lollipop baby monitor for the first time.

Lollipop baby monitor manual

Below you can view and download the official PDF manual and instructions from the manufacturer for the popular Lollipop baby monitor - don't worry, there is no charge for this!

In addition to this, we have answered some commonly asked questions regarding this true crying detection baby monitor to help guide you when using the product.

Lollipop Baby Monitor FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Directly below you will find some frequently asked questions about the Lollipop true crying detection baby monitor from users.

Can I Record and Save Videos?

No, as it stands, the current Lollipop baby monitor does not support a recording feature. However, you can download 30-second event videos to the app. According to the manufacturer, the recording feature will be added to the monitor soon.

How Can I Turn off the Camera When not Using it?

The standby mode feature allows the user to turn off the camera functions, by doing this you will not be able to watch a live view or receive notifications.

Can You Monitor Your Baby Through a Laptop or Computer?

There is a beta version that has been released by the manufacturer that allows the user to watch live through a web browser. You will need a specific link to access it, here is the link.

If you still need help with your Lollipop baby monitor you can contact Lollipop via their website, where you can fill in a form to be provided the best support and help with whatever issue you might have.