Lollipop Baby Monitor Review

The Lollipop Baby Monitor is a video baby monitor that allows you to see and hear your baby from anywhere. Read our comprehensive guide to find out if the Lollipop Baby Monitor is right for you.

Baby monitors are becoming more high-tech these days, with many having video and microphone features, as well as many other things that are useful to new parents.

With so many currently on the market though, how do you know which one is the right option for you and your new baby?

To help you out in your decision-making, we have reviewed the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor. In this review, we will cover all features from the camera and microphone quality, how to set it up, and any other features that it comes with.

Read on to learn all about the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor

Lollipop Baby Monitor (Turquoise) - Full-Featured Smart Wi-Fi Camera of True Crying Detection with Extra In-App Plan of Breathing Monitoring/Sleep Tracking-Accessories Free/7 Days Trial Period

The Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor is a well-made, elegant Wi-Fi baby monitor with a lot of useful features.

The smartphone app that comes with it is easy to use and does not require a membership. The video quality is excellent, and you can keep it on your local Wi-Fi network for increased security.

The local Wi-Fi option is fantastic for getting the best of both worlds: you receive excellent coverage throughout your home (if your Wi-Fi network is up to standard), while also keeping your connection with your child secure and private.

The Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor is a terrific choice for geeky parents. This is the ideal option if you have twins or want to use many cameras at the same time.

Video Features

Like most baby monitors on the market these days, the Lollipop comes with awesome video features.

On this camera, the feed from the monitor can be streamed straight to your phone via the connected app, or the app can be downloaded to a smart TV so you can stream it on there instead.

The picture is of good quality both during the day and at night as it has an infrared feature that allows you to see your baby when it is dark.

The camera itself is a 720p high definition Sony camera, which will provide you with a better video quality than any other camera on the market can.

Although the picture quality on a smartphone is undoubtedly greater than on a traditional monitor screen, using your phone as a video monitor may not be suited for everyone due to the impact on the phone battery.

The image can also be a little slow at times, but overall it was clear. The monitor runs better when linked to a fast Wi-Fi network.

Seemingly, if you have a slower connection, then the video quality gets worse and the notification that comes through via the app may take longer to come through.

The camera may be put almost anywhere thanks to its silicone arms that can wrap around any surface securely.

It can also be used as a free-standing camera. A downside to this monitor is that the camera is static, so you need to make sure that it is in the correct place for you to view your child. This camera does not have any zoom, tilt, or panning features.

The Lollipop Baby Camera allows you to choose between continuous video monitoring and audio monitoring with an alarm option for when crying is detected.

You may use the app's camera to snap everyday shots of your infant and build up a photo library over time.

The free version of the Lollipop app stores data for a week, but you can upgrade to acquire greater storage and other 'premium' features by paying (for various monthly fees).

The membership feature is not necessary though if you just want to use this monitor to keep an eye on your child while they’re in the crib.

Audio Features

The Lillipop camera comes with several useful audio features. One of the best ones is the Lollipop camera's True Crying Detection algorithm.

The camera with its built-in microphone can identify your baby's cries from other noises in the nursery.

When your child cries, the monitor will send a notification to your phone and will also begin the live feed again. You do have the option of keeping the live feed on all the time, but this can be very draining on your phone battery. 

The True Crying feature means that you don’t need to constantly have the video feed live on your phone.

The monitor can detect background noise but it can tell the difference between this and your baby’s cry, sending a phone alert only if a cry is detected. You can adjust the noise sensor levels in the Lollipop app to suit your needs.

Two-Way Communication

With the Lollipop Smart Monitor, you can talk to your baby over the camera's speaker if you want to. You can easily activate the two-way communication option by pressing the microphone button in the Lollipop mobile app.

The sound coming through the speaker of the monitor is of good quality and is not too loud, making it a great tool to use if you want to try calming down your child with the sound of your voice.

Play Soothing Noises For Your Baby

Some babies need some background noise for them to fall asleep to, which is why the entertainment centre of this monitor is a wonderful feature. 

Within the app, you will find a whole list of different sounds, ranging from classical music pieces, white noise sounds, and water noises. They even have a noise that sounds like the child is back in your womb.

Even if your child does not like to fall asleep to noise, this is still a good feature to distract your child during a tantrum or keep them engaged for a while.

Is It Safe Against Hacking?

Sadly the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor is more accessible to hackers because it feeds audio and video via your WiFi connection.

Unlike encrypted radio transmissions such as FHSS or DECT, wifi baby monitors don't require you to be physically near the camera to see what's going on.

That means that if the security of your router is compromised, a hacker could acquire access to your baby monitor.

The Lillipop camera does have some features that can protect against hacking though. The monitor allows you to keep the video signal local.

If you choose this option, no one outside of your Wifi network will be able to connect to the camera and see or talk to your baby.

We love this function and recommend that you use it by default, streaming only when you're alone outside of your network.

However, you won't be able to access some of the more advanced features if you use the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor locally, such as keeping a recorded video of your baby or starring other data like how much your child cries during the night.

This is because to use these features, the Lollipop uses Amazon's cloud services which can only be accessed if your signal is not kept local.

How To Set Up And Use

The silicone twist arm of the Lollipop Baby Camera can be attached to a suitable amount. You could twist it over cot bars or other furniture in the room, or use the accompanying fittings to wall-mount it.

It's also possible to use a shelf or chest of drawers on its own if it's the right height and position.

Depending on where your child is, you can transfer the monitor from room to room as long as you have a plug socket nearby as the Lollipop doesn't have its own battery.

The Lollipop Baby Camera is straightforward to connect to your smartphone, though the monitor itself does not come with a user manual, you have to instead get all of the information you need from the app or you can download the user manual here.

If the app does not answer your questions =, then you may find yourself sifting through blog posts or frequently asked questions online to find what you need. Still, once set up, this device is super easy and simple to use.


  • Flexible design - due to the silicone arm, you can attach this monitor to almost everything. It can also be used as a freestanding monitor
  • High-quality camera - with both day and night views, and it being a 720p Sony camera, you will be able to get clear images of your child streamed right to your phone
  • Extra audio features - play some soothing music or white noise to help your child fall asleep


  • Fast Wi-Fi needed - to get the best image possible you will need to have a fast Wi-Fi connection. This is also necessary to get all of the notifications to come through on your phone promptly
  • Added features are expensive - if you want to purchase useful extras like the temperature monitor then you will need to spend over £50. 


This is a basic monitor that's perfect for parents who'd rather use their phone than learn how to use and maintain a separate monitor screen.

The unit's sleek design is appealing, and its lightweight makes it ideal for trips to the grandparents' house or vacations.

If you need zoom and pan capabilities, keep in mind that they aren't available. You can add on extra features to this product though, such as temperature and air quality monitors, but these will set you back over £50 when buying them.