10 Best Motorola Baby Monitors

Raising a baby is difficult. Not only are they full of energy, but they also need constant vigilance and monitoring to ensure that they aren’t getting into trouble or putting themselves at risk.

For many years, it was the job of one parent to keep a constant watch over a baby through every hour of every day. But this really begins to take a toll.

As joyful as it is to raise a child from birth, sometimes you just need some time away from them!

With the invention of the baby monitor in 1939, parenthood changed forever, and parents were able to keep a watch over their baby while still getting other things done.

The use of baby monitors continues to this day, and this trend shows no signs of stopping. Companies continue to constantly innovate baby monitors with a slew of new features every year.

One of the most popular companies in the realm of baby monitors is Motorola, with an impressive range of products under their belts.

So what say we go through some of Motorola’s 10 best baby monitors today? To find the perfect monitor for you and your baby!


Motorola Nursery MBP50 Video Baby Monitor with 5 inch Curved Parent Unit, White/Silver

You’ll never lose track of your baby with this awesome monitor. The round camera can pan, tilt and zoom on command to give you a truly unlimited view of every single corner of a room.

You can control all of this through the use of the included crystal-clear handheld monitor!

The remote monitor itself features an LCD colour screen, which gives you an unfiltered and perfect view of the room that you are monitoring.

We found in our test that it can easily be carried by hand, and even placed beside you at a desk, or on a kitchen counter.

Controlling it is simple too, thanks to the large and clear face buttons across the side, which let you control the angle of the camera, as well as turn on the 2-way mic to speak to your baby.

Across the top of the monitor is a temperature indicator, which helps you to monitor your baby’s comfort level at any time.

If your baby makes a sound or calls for reassurance, then you will know right away, thanks to the sensitive microphone on the camera.

If you can’t get to your baby right away, you can activate the microphone on the handheld display to speak, or choose to play a lullaby or a series of nature sounds to promote rest!


  • The high-quality camera and display work in tandem to keep you in touch with your baby, and the night-vision mode ensures you can keep watch during the night.
  • Every aspect of the monitor, including the viewing angle, can be controlled by the simple handheld display.
  • The 2-way microphone system makes it easy for you and your baby to keep in contact remotely.


  • Users have noted that problems occur with the temperature indicator, giving inaccurate readings.
  • The night-vision mode offers lower quality image fidelity, which can make certain details difficult to distinguish.


Motorola Nursery VM 855 Connected WIFI video baby monitor - with Motorola Nursery App and 5-inch parent unit - night vision, temperature and two-way talk

If you need to step out a little further than the standard baby monitor can reach, then this is definitely the right product for you.

Not only does this monitor come packaged with Motorola’s perfectly designed handheld display, which already has a 300-metre range, but it also allows you to fully interact simply through the use of your smartphone or tablet!

The smartphone connectivity also makes it extremely easy to capture those precious moments that you might otherwise end up missing out on.

Simply press the camera button on your smart device, and you can take both photos and videos of your child, which are then saved to your own cloud storage.

This makes monitoring your baby less of a chore, and more of a pleasure!

Also packed in with this monitor is the flexible crib mount. This mount can be attached directly to the camera, and then wrapped tightly to the frame of your baby’s crib.

This allows you to get the perfect angle over your baby, even when they are in their crib, which can usually cause trouble for other camera-based baby monitors.

You also don’t run the risk of the camera falling down on your baby while they sleep, as we found that the mount has a firm grip, and will never let up.


  • Allows the use of both the packaged-in LCD display and any compatible smart device, to allow for far greater range when monitoring.
  • The included crib mount makes it easy to watch over your child securely at difficult angles.
  • Can take a photo or video footage in an instant via your smart device.


  • The camera’s battery life is notably short, but it can be plugged in.
  • Users have noticed that the handheld display can be difficult to charge, as the connector requires a very specific position to work fully.


Motorola Nursery indoor MBP483 Video Baby Monitor with 2.8 Inch Handheld Parent Unit and Two-Way Communication and Room Temperature

If you want a more affordable option, then look no further than the MBP4823. This is the perfect option for a new parent that is new to the world of baby monitors.

This model, unlike the two we have already explored, features a very different handheld display device.

This display is far smaller and far more pocket-sized, to make it easy to take it from room to room. 

Despite being smaller, it still offers the full suite of control options and extra features, including, 2-way communication, Infrared night vision, digital zoom, and a temperature monitor.

The display also still operates up to, and even over, 300 metres, as our tests found. It will also warn you right away if you step out of the communication range so that you never risk leaving your baby without help.

When you are in range, the 2-way microphone system makes it extremely easy for you to soothe your baby with the sound of your voice and allows you to hear every sound they make in return.

You’ll always know how your baby is feeling, and when they need you, thanks to all of these useful and fully optimised features!


  • The small and pocket-sized display handheld makes it easy to keep watch over your baby from up to 300 metres away.
  • The 2-way microphone makes it easy to soothe your baby with just the sound of your voice.
  • Can be expanded to control up to four extra cameras, which are sold separately.


  • Can be used with four cameras simultaneously, but only comes packaged with one.
  • The camera needs to be plugged into a mains power supply at all times, which may be difficult for some.


Motorola Nursery VM35-2 / Ease 35 Twin Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras 5.0 Inch Video Baby Monitor Display Split Screen Display Night Vision TwoWay Communication Lullabies Zoom Room Temperature, White

For those amongst you with more than just one pride-and-joy, and maybe even double the potential child-rearing headache, take a look at this absolute parenting wonder.

This dual camera package not only comes with one of Motorola’s amazing large displays but also has two separate cameras, to be placed in any room.

This is far more than any of the other packages we have seen so far today!

We discovered that the handheld display itself is designed slightly differently than its counterparts.

It still boasts a large and impressive screen but has a very different button layout, which makes it easy to use with just one hand. This is great for busy parents with lots to do around the home.

These buttons give you full access to the usual suite of Motorola features, as well as access to a specially designed split-screen mode!

This mode lets you view two entirely different rooms simultaneously so that you can take your amazing parenting to the next level.

As well as using the awesome 2-way communication features, you can also play preloaded lullabies, fairy tales, and audiobooks, right from the handheld display, so that you can help your babies to stay stimulated.


  • The two packaged cameras make it easy to monitor children in two different rooms.
  • The handheld display is sleek and thin, and can be propped up to stand on a surface, or held comfortably in one hand.
  • Can play lullabies and audiobooks at the touch of a button.


  • Can only access the cameras via smart device if you use the Hubble app.
  • Users have had trouble using the night-vision mode, which is of lower quality than the standard daytime mode.


Motorola Nursery AM24 / MBP24 Audio Baby Monitor with Room Temperature Display, High Sensitivity Microphone and Two-Way Talk, White

Simplicity is sometimes the best. As great as video displays and fully rotating cameras are, for offering high tech monitoring, sometimes, all you need from a baby monitor is sound.

After all, if your baby needs you, they will make it clear with noise. This affordable and simple device understands this perfectly and works accordingly, with only a 2-way microphone implemented here.

The display on the monitoring device is simple and only displays the absolute most crucial information to the user, such as temperature, sound levels, and battery life.

This helps to save significantly on battery life, so the monitor can work remotely for far longer. We were seriously impressed at how well the battery stood up to our tests!

To further help the already amazing battery life, the communication features only kick in when the monitor detects a significant amount of noise, so it isn’t constantly relaying information to you unnecessarily.

The microphone end, placed in the baby’s room, is also small, simple, and unassuming, so your child won’t be overwhelmed by it, and it can fit beautifully into any space in the room, thanks to the strong microphone.


  • The simple design makes the device easy to operate for long periods.
  • The communication features only activate upon detection of significant noise, to save on battery life.
  • Can work from a range of up to 300 metres.


  • Some users have noted that the receiver fails to pick up on significant noises, which is risky for many parents. However, this is a rare situation.
  • The monitoring device has been known to occasionally create a slight beeping noise.


Motorola Lifestyle, Baby MBP 950 Halo Video Baby Monitor with Crib Holder 5' Full HD 1080p Parent Unit and WiFi Hubble Connected Flexible Magnetic Camera Mount, White

Great for use with cots or other beds that sit at awkward angles is this perfect design from the geniuses at Motorola.

This set comes packaged with a long and flexible over-the-cot mount, to hold the camera suspended above your baby as they sleep so that you can view them from above.

You can also view at any other angle by simply detaching the camera from the grip, and placing it elsewhere.

This is great if you want to monitor the baby while they are in another room, and not their cot. We found that the footage looked great no matter what room the camera was placed in.

The camera mount is sturdy, and all cables from the camera can be placed in a cable tube, to keep your baby from being tempted to play with dangerous wires.

The camera is also held high enough to not be touched or disturbed by the baby.

The handheld display device is largely very similar to that of the VM35 - 2, in that it can be held comfortably in one hand, while you busy yourself with your free hand.

You can also connect to the monitor via any of your smart devices so that you can keep a vigilant eye over your baby even while out of the house.


  • The crib-mount makes it easy to watch over your baby from above or any other difficult angle.
  • You can detach the camera, and control it in numerous ways via the handheld display.
  • You can connect to the camera via your smart devices so that you can expand the range of your vigilance.


  • The temperature gauge is not fully accurate.
  • There is a slight time lag between saying something into the microphone and your baby hearing it on their end.


Motorola Nursery LUX64 Connect - 4.3 inch Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor with Flexible Magnetic Mount - 2way Talk, Room Temperature, Mobile Viewing, Infrared, pan tilt and Zoom

Control sound every step of the way with the Motorola LUX64. This device features all of the basic sound features of many baby monitor devices, and even more!

You can control the microphone sensitivity on both ends of the system so that not too much noise is reaching you or your baby. This is incredibly simple, and we had no trouble changing the sensitivity ourselves.

There is also a clear visual indication of the amount of noise in the baby’s room so that you can keep your baby comfortable.

Further on from this, you can also adjust the volume level on the handheld display, and the baby microphone, so that you can both enjoy more comfortable sound.

Sounds also help you to keep in check, such as battery level alerts, and out-of-range alerts, so that you will never end up losing the connection to your loved one.

If you need to help your baby to relax, you can also make use of the library of pre-loaded sounds, which includes nature noises, audiobooks, and even soft and pleasant lullabies.


  • Allows for careful control over noise levels, to keep you and your baby comfortable.
  • The nicely designed handheld display can be held in one hand.
  • Warns you when battery levels are running low, so you can recharge efficiently.


  • The display does not have the clearest picture of all models so far.
  • The angle of the camera cannot be changed, and the camera can only pan from side to side.


Motorola Baby Peekaboo - Full HD Wifi Video Baby Camera with Night Light - Temperature, Pan, Scan, Zoom, Tilt, 2-Way Talk, Lullabies - Local and Cloud Storage - Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant

The adorable name of our next product, the ‘Motorola Peekaboo’ is pretty appropriate.

The shape of the monitor itself is short and squat and has a cute appearance from the outside. It almost rather looks like a Minion, with the large camera lens representing a big and characterful eye.

The round and spherical shape of the camera itself also means that it can be manipulated to show footage from any angle, whether it be up or down, or right and left.

This is more than many other competing models can do, and it still comes at an incredibly affordable low price.

Towards the bottom of the monitor unit is an additional night light that produces warm and pleasant colours that slowly move about.

This means that the monitor can not only help to watch over your child but can also be used to help to soothe them into a gentle and comfortable sleep.

To sweeten the deal one last time, this device is also compatible with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, so that you can use the device and adjust its settings all with only your voice!

This is perfect for those busy parents amongst you! We found that Alexa was very cooperative when using this monitor!


  • The fully mobile camera can give you a 360 view of any room you place it in.
  • The monitor module can also act as a soothing night light for your baby.
  • Can be used with smart home systems, such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.


  • Only uses a digital zoom, which significantly lowers the quality of video feeds when zoomed in.
  • The Hubble app has been noted to be rather glitchy for some users.


Motorola MBP481A Video Baby Monitor with Handheld Parent Unit High Sensitivity Microphone Infared Night Vision Digital Zoom 370773, Silver

Be careful not to mistake this little device for a classic Nokia mobile phone. This simple little phone-shaped baby monitor makes monitoring your baby far easier and more hassle-free.

The handheld display itself is very small and compact, and features only the most essential controls and information for you. This keeps the user experience simple and clutter-free.

The simplicity also extends to the camera, which simply plugs right into your nearest power supply, and then keeps watch for as long as you leave it plugged in!

There’s no need for any complicated installation, or to screw any cameras into the wall. Just place it on the nearest counter, and you are good to go.

Through our tests, we could see that the wire was of a decent length, to allow for lots of options.

You can control the rotation of the camera through the use of the arrow buttons on the face of the handheld, as well as the volume and the zoom with the exact same buttons.

This helps to further make every aspect of control simple and easy, and leads to less visual clutter.

All of this adds together to create truly the best device on the market for both experienced and inexperienced users alike.


  • Small handheld device means you don’t have to lug any clunky wired controls around to keep track of your baby.
  • Every button on the handheld device has a clear function, making the device easy to understand and use.
  • The device will warn you when battery levels are low, and when you end up out of range.


  • The camera can only be powered by mains electricity, which does limit the choices as to where you can place it.
  • Low quality night vision footage.


Motorola Nursery AM21/MBP21 Audio Baby Monitor - Digital Baby Monitor with DECT Technology for Audio Monitoring - 300 Meter Range - High Sensitivity Microphone - White

Let’s finish off our list with something classic and basic. There’s no need for screens or any unnecessary information with this monitor! Instead, the AM21 seeks to focus entirely on delivering the best audio fidelity from end to end.

The monitoring device is able to operate at a decent volume level that can be adjusted on either device. It also relays exactly what is being said, in the clearest quality possible, so as not to frighten your child, or even confuse you!

The battery life of this device is immense, thanks to its sheer simplicity, and it even actively seeks to be even more energy efficient!

The AM21 makes use of the ECO mode technology created by Motorola.

This is an automatic system that lowers energy consumption when no noise is being made. Instead, the device only relays sound when it detects a noise over a certain decibel level. 

This means that it isn’t wasting time relaying absolute silence while your baby sleeps peacefully. Our tests showed that it really did only pick up the most important sounds.

The microphone on this monitor also helps with this, by being incredibly sensitive, to be able to distinguish between important and superfluous sound.

It also means that your voice sounds pure from the baby’s end, which helps to make it easier to comfort them with just your voice!


  • Incredible battery life.
  • Simple design and user interface.
  • High quality microphone and speakers, makes sound crystal clear.


  • Slight delay in relaying sound between each end of the device.
  • Users have noticed that the battery level warning sound begins to sound without reason.

Best Motorola Baby Monitors Buying Guide

It’s great and all to have all of these various options, but how can you possibly choose just one? Let’s look at what you need to look out for when making your choice! 

10 Best Motorola Baby Monitors


As you have probably seen over the course of our list, the price for varying baby monitor models can fluctuate massively.

The more features that a model has, such as a cradle grip, then the more it will likely cost. This isn’t always the case, but it makes for a greate rule of thumb. You should ask yourself whether you need any of the options functions.

If you just need a basic monitor that will relay sound to you, then you can save a lot of money by going for a model like the Motorola Nursery AM21/MBP21.


Some baby monitors are larger than others. This can often be dictated by the camera quality, and the amount of features the monitor has.

If the handheld display has a large screen and lots of controls, then it will be a larger unit. If the camera is built to be extremely high quality, then it will likely need a bigger lens.

The size can also be affected by how the camera moves. If the camera is spherical and can move in many directions, then it will need to be of a larger size to facilitate this motion.


Baby monitors were created to make the experience of caring for a baby stress free. One of the greatest modern innovations on a baby monitor is the inclusion of access to smart homes like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

If you want features like this, then it is worth going for such a model. If you only need basic features, then there is no point in getting a model with lots of fancy bells and whistles.

Battery Life

This is probably the most important, next to the price. You will want your baby monitor to operate for long periods, especially while you are sleeping. The longer the monitor can operate off of a single charge, then the better.

You might also want to look for baby monitors that have easily chargeable handheld displays, so that you can stay on top of your battery level constantly.

Many baby monitors will actively warn you when the battery becomes low, so you don’t run the risk of running out of energy all together.