Babysense 7 Breathing Monitor Manual

Do you own a Babysense 7 Breathing Monitor and have misplaced or lost the manual? Not to worry, we have a downloadable instruction manual and user guide providing you with all you need to know when setting up your Babysense 7 breathing monitor. It is always recommended to read through the user guide in detail before usage.

Babysense 7 user guide

Below you can view and download the official PDF manual and instructions from the manufacturer for the popular Babysense 7 breathing monitor, for free. In addition to this, we have answered some commonly asked questions regarding this baby breathing monitor to help guide you when using the product.

In addition to this, we have provided and highlighted some useful information regarding the buttons and functionality of the breathing monitor too. Head further down the page to access the graphical representation of the breathing monitor and its various functions.

Babysense 7 Breathing Monitor FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Directly below you will find some frequently asked questions about the Babysense 7 breathing monitor from users.

How many sensors should I use with my Newborn?

The babysense breathing monitor comes with two sensor pads. However, it is recommended to use just one with infants that are unable to crawl. Once your baby starts to crawl around their cot, you should use the second sensor pad in addition to the first one currently in use.

Can I use the Breathing Movement Monitor with all mattresses?

The only two types of mattresses that the babysense breathing monitor is not compatible with are memory foam and hollow mattresses. As a word of warning, you should not use a memory foam mattress in your baby's crib, they can be dangerous, especially for newborns.

Is there a Babysense 7 age limit?

You should typically use this breathing monitor from birth until the baby reaches one year in age. Many people use them up to about 18 months.

How do you know if it is working correctly?

You can and should be doing a daily performance test as it suggests in the user guide/manual. Simply taking your baby out of the cot and waiting for the alarm to sound is not a good way of doing a self-test. Refer to page 3 of the user guide and manual.

If you still need help with your Babysense 7 breathing monitor you can contact Babysense UK via their customer support email or via their website, where you can fill in a form to be provided the best support and help with whatever issue you might have.

Image of the Babysense 7 Breathing Monitor Control Unit Features

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