BT Baby Monitor 400 Instructions and User Guide

Have you misplaced, lost, or are just curious about the user guide for the BT Audio Baby Monitor 400? Well, don't panic because we have got you covered. To get the most out of your BT baby monitor we recommend going through the user guide and instructions in detail. 

BT baby monitor user guide

Below you can view and download the official PDF manual and instructions from the manufacturer for this popular BT baby monitor, for free. In addition to this, we have answered some commonly asked questions regarding this baby monitor to help guide you when using the product.

Furthermore, we have also provided you with detailed information on what the various buttons do on the parent unit and also on the baby unit. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a graphical representation of what each button, light, and indicator does and means so you can get the best out of your BT baby monitor 400.

BT Audio Baby Monitor 400 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here we have answered some frequently asked questions from BT Audio Monitor 400 baby monitor users.

How do I connect my BT baby monitor?

You will need to press down and hold the baby unit until the orange link indicator flashes, once this has happened you will need to hold the button on your parent unit until you see all the lights on the unit temporarily light up. And lastly the orange indicator will flash then become steady once the monitor has been linked.

Why is the range of my baby monitor less than the user guide/manual describes?

Typically, brands will describe their maximum range based on using the monitor with no obstacles in the way, essentially testing the parent unit and baby unit in open space with a clear line of sight between the two.

The reality is that in your home there will be obstacles that could be anything from the walls in your home, to sofas, beds, wardrobes and extra floors in your house. The key to achieving the range you want is by minimising the obstacles.

One example of getting great range on your baby monitor is if your baby is in a rear-facing bedroom in your home that faces the garden. If you place the baby unit on the window sill or near the window of their bedroom and you are a fair distance away at the end of the garden, then the range should be great, since there none or very minimal obstacles between the units.

If you still need help with your BT baby monitor you can contact BT directly on 0800 145 6789. We have also provided a couple of handy graphics that show you what all the buttons, lights, and features are on the parent and baby units.

Image of the BT 400 Baby Monitor Parent Unit

BT Baby Monitor 400 Parent Unit

BT 400 Baby Monitor Baby Unit Image

A BT 400 Baby Monitor Graphic of the Baby Unit