Vava Baby Monitor Review

With so much technology now available it’s no surprise that baby monitors are becoming more high-tech.

Many now have high-quality video capabilities and strong microphone features. Some monitors have so much tech it’s a surprise they can’t help put our babies back to sleep for us.

With so many to choose from it can be an absolute nightmare trying to find the one that best suits your needs. Luckily for you, we are here to help.

To help you make a good decision we have reviewed the VAVA Baby Monitor. In this review, we will take a look at all the features the monitor comes with, how to set it up and look at the quality of its camera and monitor.

If you want to learn all about the VAVA Baby Monitor be sure to read on. 

VAVA Baby Monitor

The VAVA Baby Monitor is a well designed, modern product with an elegant, sleek look that will fit well in most homes. This easy-to-use monitor allows you to quickly and easily monitor your child, working straight out of the box.

Being one of the more affordable products on the market many people are skeptical to as whether this monitor is actually that good.

From our experiences we can tell you it is fantastic. For a relatively unknown brand this well priced, high quality monitor includes most features you will be looking for incuding high quality audio, video capabilities, and a great signal range. 

This monitor can be used anywhere in the home to fit the needs of you and your child.

Despite not being the prettiest of cameras when compared to other products it is still a very well built and nicely designed monitor.

For some the lack of smartphone and WiFi connectivity might be off-putting but this is made up for in the large 5” screen and panning features.

To put it simply the VAVA Baby Monitor is a simple and reliable monitor that you can’t go wrong with.


The VAVA monitor has a simple yet effective design that makes it easy to use and place around your house.

The display module is heavier than other displays but it does come with the added bonus of being more durable which is always a bonus when you have a small child around the house.

With a strong kickstand and basic buttons you’ll find it easy to use the monitor, especially when your fumbling about in the middle of the night.

This monitor comes with a white and black colour scheme. We found this helps the product fit in any nursary or bedroom. Unfortunately we did find one design floor with the VAVA monitor.

The camera module is actually quite large so you will need to find a bigger surface to sit it on. The camera can’t be connected to your babies cot like other monitors.

VAVA do make up for this floor by including a mounted feature. This will give you the opportunity to mount the camera on the wall so it is out of the way.

Video Features

The VAVA Baby Monitor has brilliant video capabilities. Firstly it is worth noting that the camera module needs to be plugged into a power source at all times. With a long USB cable this shouldn’t be a problem.

The camera on this model of monitor is excellent value for money. The monitor is fitted with a 720p HD camera that captures a clear picture of your baby.

One of the VAVA’s key camera features is the ability to adjust the view of the camera remotely and also zoom in and out. This gives you more control over what you can see.

A baby monitor is key to being able to see how your baby is throughout the night. With an awesome night vision feature this monitor can help you do that effortlessly.

Even at night when it’s dark you will get a clear picture straight to the monitor without any lag or connectivity issues.

The camera is capable of panning 110 degrees vertically, and 270 degrees horizontally which means you can find the perfect angle without having to enter the room and disturb your child.

We must say this is more than enough but there are other monitors out there that have 330 degree horizontal panning.

The Monitor

When we reviewed the VAVA Baby Monitor we were very impressed. The lack of WiFi and smartphone connectivity wasn’t an issue at all.

The 5” screen on the display module is more than large enough and bright enough to be viewed close up or from a distance.

The module has a built-in battery that lasts for up to 10 hours or 24 hours if you use the power saving options.

This battery life is more than enough for those naps during the day and the evening. The display is charged using a USB cable so overnight we recommend you keep the monitor plugged in. This will give you coverage of your baby all night.

The volume and brightness on the display can be turned up or down to help you also get some sleep at night.

When it comes to the picture displayed on the monitor we must say we were pleasantly suprised. For a more affordable monitor the detail and colour is surprisingly vivid and accurate. 

The only time the quality of video dropped was when we used the 4 levels of zoom. The more zoom used the lower the quality. This is however expected with most baby monitors that offer zoom features.

With 720p HD resolution you can’t go wrong with this monitor.

Other Key Features

  • Noise Indicator

Conveniently the VAVA monitor has a noise indicator light that runs across the top of the screen rather than on the screen itself.

 This means that even when the screen is off and the volume is low, you’ll still be able to see if there is a noise coming from your babies room.

The light flashes green and red to show you just how loud your baby is crying.

  • Display Functions

One neat feature included with the monitor is the details you find at the top of the display screen.

You will find information regarding the sigal strength, zoom level, night vision activation, alarm, battery life, talkback, and which camera you are viewing. 

These icons come in helpful when you need to know if something is on or if your camera is set up correctly.

  • Temperature Monitoring

A safe sleep is important for your baby. The built-in thermostat helps with this. From the monitor you can easily view the temperature in your baby’s room to see if it is too hot or too cold before then adjusting it.

  • Two-Way Talk

Like most baby monitors the VAVA comes with a clear communication feature. The super clear sound lets you talk to your baby and also listen to what is going on in their room.

You can use this feature to keep an eye on your baby or simply soothe and reassure them that you are there. The monitor uses 2.4GHz FHSS to do this.

  • Multiple Camera Feature

If you have more than one baby, this monitor can help. The VAVA monitor gives you the chance to connect four cameras to the one monitor. This is brilliant if you want to keep an eye on more than one baby at a time.

How To Set The Monitor Up

All you have to do after taking the monitor and camera out of the box is turn them on. It really is as easy as that.

The two components use auto-pair wireless, so you don’t have to worry about trying to connect them via WiFi or any cables. Simply place the camera where you want it and off you go.

We found this to be a great advantage of buying the VAVA monitor because others require more complex setup.


  • Easy-to-use - You will struggle to find a monitor that is as straightforward as this one.
  • Awesome features - The VAVA is jampacked with features that let you customise how you monitor your child.
  • Best value for money - In our opinion the VAVA offers the best audio and video features for its price


  • No Wifi or smartphone capabilities - This doesn’t directly affect the monitors performance but it would be a nice touch to be able to view the camera on your phone to.


Overall this is a basic baby monitor that comes with some great features that make it well worth its price. It is the perfect monitor for any parents looking for a reliable product that will give them everything they need.

The modern, stylish design helps it fit in any home and the added noise indicator features as well as temperature monitor help you keep a closer eye on your baby.

Vava Baby Monitor Review

This model of monitor doesn’t have WiFi capabilities or smartphone connectivity but in all honesty it doesn’t need it.

The monitor is cracking value for money and does exactly what it needs to do and more.

Our highlight has to be the 5” 720p HD resolution screen. The picture this screen delivers is amazing. You simply don’t need anything else.

If you’re looking for a fantastic baby monitor that will fit your needs and is available for a really fair price, then we strongly recommend you take a good look at the VAVA Baby Monitor.